How to Get Recognized as an Expert in your Industry

When you see folks in the media being touted as the expert in a particular topic, do you often wonder how they got there?  Or you think, well I know as much as that guy does.  I could have talked about that subject better than he did.

Expert - 10 tips

To set the stage to being seen as an expert in your industry, here are a few steps that you can take

  1. First,make a list of what you know about that you can talk to someone else for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. What do you know that you can teach another person?  This does not have be what you do for a living.  For example, in addition to being a networking guru and packaging expert, I am also a clothing designer and accomplished seamstress with over 150 hours of clothing construction training.
  2. Blog about your expertise.
  3. Create a monthly newsletter and write about how you solved problems for your clients or tips about your area of specialization.
  4. Get involved with trade associations within your industry. Volunteering results in exposure to key industry connections. Offer to present a break-out seminar for your organization.
  5. Write a “how-to” book. Another tips is to take your blog writings and combine them into a book form.
  6. Use social media, specifically, LinkedIn to write about your experience.  Use Twitter to write 1-liner industry tips.
  7. Develop a webinar, seminar or podcast to offer in the marketplace.
  8. Create talking topics of your expertise that are of interest to others.
  9. Look for opportunities to speak at networking events, chambers, civic organizations, schools, trade associations, or corporate sales teams.
  10. Periodically send a press release to the local media to promote your speaking, writing, seminars, etc.

Finally, always ask for testimonials from your clients and followers.  Use those in your own social media to draw attention to you.

Once you start brainstorming about what you know, you may discover a hidden talent that you can parlay into a new career.

Peggy P. Edge © 2016