eBook:  “Key Steps to Effective Business Networking”

Price:  $20.00/ea (CD-.pdf)

Networking is a “learned skill-set.”  The exercises in this book are a step-by-step program how to develop your personalized networking roadmap.  You will learn how to calculate Return on Investment (ROI) of networking activities; how to craft an effective 30-second commercial; identify and develop synergy partners; training your connections to provide warm referrals; and cardinal rules of networking etiquette, Plus…A list of suggested Circle of Connections and a 1-1 Interview guideline.

Price: $20.00


eBook: “How to Get Recognized as an Expert in Your Industry”

Price:  $20.00/ea (CD-.pdf)

Ever wonder how Joe Bob or Lucy Jane were selected to be the resident expert and interviewed by your local news anchor?  Blogging about your expertise, using Social Media to comment on articles by others in your field, speaking at your industry trade association can all be a means to an end of being perceived as a specialist and to be the “go-to” person next time your favorite newspaper or TV field reporter needs to do a story regarding your industry.  This eBook offers a wealth of pointers from Peggy on how to get recognized as an expert.

Price:  $20.00


Workshop:  Hands-on 4-hour workshop on “Key Steps to Effective Business Networking”

Price:  $597.00/person

Date/Time/Location:  In-House – Call 214-725-7626 or email [email protected] for details.

Price: $597.00

Price of workshop includes book: “Key Steps to Effective Business Networking”