Contact Peggy for one-to-one consulting to start a business or to take a product to market.  She has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner of three businesses.  This gives Peggy a unique insight into maximizing connections.

Lean Manufacturing Expertise
Peggy works with manufacturers and distributors to standardize and streamline their shipping and packaging applications.  She brings to the table 30 years of experience providing products and equipment solutions to her clients.

Peggy applies a team/holistic approach to packaging.  She analyzes the needs of the client and brings solutions to them that fit within their goals and objectives.  Many times, this includes collaborating with those in the marketplace to bring to the table additional skill sets.  With client projects, she takes on the role of the general contractor of the job.

  • Sale and Installation of Packaging Equipment, Product Sales  While in the industrial packaging business, I had a telephone electronics manufacturer client who had the need to pack their phone kits into master containers and palletize 24 cartons onto pallets for international shipment.This project included providing several pieces of packaging equipment, and conveyors to move their units down a packing line and make them ready for shipping.

    Edge Packaging only handled these products after they were placed in master cartons and placed onto pallets for unitizing.


    • We created 2- complete packing lines for this organization.
    • Placed a skid on a 10-foot gravity conveyor.
    • Each conveyor could handle 2 skids at one time resulting in 4 units being able to be unitized and ready for immediate shipment.
    • Moved each skid of 24 master packed cartons through a 55”w x 55”h polypropylene strapping machine which strapped each unit 2 times.
    • Each unit was then conveyed over another 10-foot piece of gravity conveyor onto a semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine to complete the unitization of each pallet.
    • Because these telephones were being shipped primarily internationally, the manufacturer requested black opaque stretch film to conceal the contents and minimize thief of their products.

    After the wrapping of the units was completed, each skid was then weighted which scales had been installed underneath the base of each stretch wrapper.

    Finally, the completed units were moved off of the wrapping machine onto a 10-foot gravity conveyor to make it ready for staging at the shipping dock.

    My company and team of technicians sold, installed and project managed the following equipment and products for 2-duplicate packaging lines:

    • 3 each 10-foot stainless steel gravity conveyors
    • 2 each StraPack semi-automatic polypropylene strapping machine, 55” W x 55” H.
    • 2 skids ½” machine-grade polypropylene strapping
    • 2 each IPM automatic stretch wrap machine
    • 2 skids 30” Black opaque machine-grade stretch film
    • 2 each 40”x40” Scale
    • Installation of all equipment and training of personnel
    • Total Cost of Project: $62,500.

    After four (4) months of operation, my client moved to a new facility, therefore, we were contracted to de-install and re-install all of the above equipment and train numerous new personnel.

    Total Cost of De-installation and re-installation:  $15,000.

    Total Cost of the entire Project:  $77,500.

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