“I can highly endorse Peggy Edge’s ‘Linkedin Trainer’s capabilities after working with her. Her knowledge in this area, and more importantly, her concern for discovering and maximizing every relevant aspect of my personal and professional persona, not to mention displaying it effectively on my profile, is nothing less than 1st rate – one of the rare ‘productively rewarding’ investments I’ve experienced. After she completed my LI makeover, I was extremely pleased that my LI Social Selling Index (SSI) score improved 40% within the first couple of weeks.”  ~Jake Kot, Human Potential Development Coach, Certified Professional & Executive Coach, Certified Creativity Coach, Educator in the Arts, Author, Musical Composer/Arranger/Producer & Micropreneur.


“Peggy has been a great resource for me as a LinkedIn trainer. She has gone above and beyond to teach in a fashion that fits my learning experience as a guide as well as a sounding board. So helpful!!”  ~Chris Christian, VP Business Development, Wood Cubicles.


“Peggy P Edge has been the National Speakers Association North Texas Chapters Learning Labs Director and Coordinator for the last five years and has done an exemplary job! Her leadership, collaboration, vision, and networking abilities have produced, on a consistent basis, a tremendous level of expertise and success! We are fortunate to have Peggy as a leader in our NSA Chapter and her efforts have contributed to our NSA North Texas Chapter being one of the best and most progressive in the nation! Peggy is invaluable to our membership!”  ~Betti Coffey, Betti Coffey Presents/Past President, National Speakers Association-North Texas Chapter.



“I recently had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Peggy in an effort to negotiate fair pay. Having never worked with a Coach or Consultant before, I was unsure what to expect. Peggy far exceeded my expectations and pushed me when I would have procrastinated and avoided what makes me feel uncomfortable. Peggy’s insistence on meeting weekly and completing “assignments”, helped keep me accountable. After several weeks of our hourly sessions, I had a new found confidence. With her guidance and mentorship, I was able to present an impressive justification for my request that was received warmly by my superior. The value of the Coaching Peggy provides is priceless.”


- Corinna Orms
Registered Dietitian, Diabetes Educator @ CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health Care

“Peggy understands the importance of effective networking and is an accomplished advocate in the field. She has the ability to concisely articulate her professional “mission statement” (known elsewhere as a “30 second commercial”) and she is great at coaching others on how to improve theirs. I also love that she doesn’t just consume content (blogs, articles, etc.); she creates it.”  ~Jennifer Murray, Partner, Hollyford Consulting

- Jennifer Murray
Partner, Hollyford Consulting

“Peggy is the best at helping anyone get the most from their networking efforts. She covers key concepts such as ROI, which most people don’t even associate with networking.  Most important, she stresses that success in networking is driven by what you give, not what you get.”

- Bill Lux, CPA
Principal at Ascend Advisory Services, LLC

“Peggy is a dynamic, charismatic presenter. She is well versed on many topics – but her expertise is in networking and sales practices. She has a unique approach to her presentations – with lots of positive energy and years of sales experience. I highly recommend Peggy Edge!”

- Debra Gann
Owner, The Gann Allstate Agency

Good speakers are hard to find so when I found Peggy Edge, I hit the jackpot! She is a high-level business professional with real world experience that offers her audiences easy to follow tactics that produce great results. Her style is relatable, entertaining and effective. She keeps her audiences engaged! She is a great teacher, a phenomenal moderator and a marvelous connector of people and ideas.”

- Rebecca Wright
Special Events Coordinator, Truluck’s Restaurant Group

“Peggy is the most understated powerhouse business expert I have come across. She knows how to market, really market (not the fluffy fell-good stuff) and how to run a lean business. She is wrote the book on business networking and leveraging business relationships. Oh, and she is actually experienced through running several successful businesses (rather than just knowing it on paper). Bring her in as a consultant to turn your business around, as a speaker to give your group insight, or as a networker, mentor, and coach.”

- Sherry Prindle
Professional Coach, Independent Contract Trainer-Fred Pryors/CareerTrack

“I have known and worked with Peg for more than 15 years. She is energetic, and always speaks in the “positive” even when the situation is about negatives. We worked on a proposal for packaging of very expensive and exotic chocolate candy at a start-up company. Her work was very meticulous and provided the potential customer with the necessary information to accomplish the work in a timely manner. I have heard her speak to a variety of people in both business and non-business environments. She is a delight to listen to and her audiences were most appreciative of her command of the subject matter and the way in which it was presented.”

- Stu Slippen
Lean Manufacturing Expert Principal, S-G Systems