Business Networking: What is it exactly?

What exactly does the term Business Networking mean?  Over the many years that I’ve been involved in a B2B networking organization, I have been able to narrow the definition down to 5 Key pointers:

–It is:  Being Passionate about Giving First.

–It is:  Building and Developing Synergy Partners.

–It is:  Sharing your expertise and talents.

–It is:  Being a resource and connector of people.

–It is:  You’re EDGE over your Competition!

When you can incorporate and accomplish all of these elements in your sales activities, you will not have to cold call again.  For 15 years that I have owned my packaging company, I have worked strictly off of referrals.

Networking is not about selling at all.  It is about making connections and developing those relationships so that you create your own sales advocates in the marketplace.

Peggy P. Edge (c) 2014