Business Networking

What is business networking?

Business Networking–what is it?

Is Business Networking about attending a meeting,  gathering  business cards, calling those contacts to sell them?  Absolutely not!

Many of us are sitting at our desks today trying to figure out where we are going in 2017 and how we will get there with our business.  

Let’s explore a few key points that you can work on to get started for the year.

It is: Being Passionate about Giving First.

  • Zig Ziglar wrote in Closing the Sale:  “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”
  • Most people have the idea that networking is all about getting referrals and sales.
  • However, networking is all about giving first.

It is: Building and Developing Synergy Partners.

  • A synergy partner is someone who is taught how to promote you and your business to others in the marketplace.
  • To build and develop an effective synergy partner, get together with your connections for a sit-down 1-1 to explain and teach them who your best prospects are, what product and service your offer and why someone would want or need your expertise.

It is: Sharing your Expertise and Talents.

  • We all have unique expertise.  Don’t be afraid to share that with others.  Sharing your expertise and talents goes back to your ability to give first.
  • Always be willing to give first.

It is: Being a Resource and Connector of people.

  • Be willing to share your connections with others.  When you give of yourself, then there is always the opportunity for someone to give back to you.

It is: Your EDGE over your Competition!

  • The marketplace is flooded with individuals who have the same products and services to offer.  Many times, the only thing that you will have that distinguishes you over your competition is your connections.

Therefore, to be effective in your networking activities if you give first; build and develop your synergy partners; share your expertise and talents; be a resource and connector of people, then, you will have earned THE EDGE over your competition!


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