Cold Calling is Dead!

Cold Calling is DEAD!  Would you like to grow your business exclusively with warm referrals?  

For over 20 years, in the industrial packaging business, I have been growing my business through my professional circle of connections, never cold calling!

I’m a firm believer that you can “Make Connections and Seize Opportunities”™ solely through your professional circle of connections to close more sales.

Using a 5-step program I developed several years ago on effective networking techniques, I now work with individuals, sales managers, and sales teams how to replicate the system in your business to book more business. I will coach you:

  • How to draft a road map for your lead generation activities;
  • How to craft a killer 30-second commercial that answers the questions–who, what, and why;
  • How to identify, develop and train your professional circle of connections to help you sell in the marketplace;
  • How to turn cold leads into warm referrals;
  • To learn the networking rules of engagement on how to look and act professionally.
To bring this revolutionary program to your next corporate sales event, connect with me on LinkedIn(R) or through my website.

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