Good Leader Traits


leadership-great-leaders-inspire-greatness-in-othersTraits of a good leader include being visionaries, courageous, introspective, empowers, and genuine.  As a leader do you exude each of these attributes?


As a good leader, we are visionaries.  Do you communicate your vision on a regular basis? In order to have everyone jump on-board with the direction that you and/or the company is going, it is critically important to being proactive at reiterating your vision so that it is ever-present in the minds of the team members. It’s okay to be bold, stretch your limits and go for the gold at all times.


As a good leader, we are courageous.  It takes courage to be risk takers, to make mistakes and to be humble learners. It’s okay to get egg on your face periodically.


As a good leader, we are introspective.  We are mindful of our personal capabilities and confines thus identifying and surrounding ourselves with folks that have complimentary skill-sets. It’s okay to admit you can’t be all things to all people and seek outside help on a continual basis.


As a good leader, we are enablers.  We empower those around us to have a voice in decision-making. It’s okay to give up the reigns and encourage others to step out in their excellence.


As a good leader, we are genuine.  We are constantly leading by example. It’s okay to get out from behind your desk, roll up your sleeves and let others see that you are just like them.


Peggy P. Edge © 2015