How to Get Recognized as an Expert in your Industry

Many of my colleagues know me as an industrial packaging specialist.  However, when I started doing public speaking, many of my connections didn’t know about my expertise as a business networking expert, sales trainer or leader.  To build my speaking business, the one thing that I did was to write.

What areas of expertise do you have?  Many times, we have talents that have nothing to do with what we do for a living.

*Make a list of 3-4 topics that you are an expert at.  This can be either something that you are officially trained to do, certified or licensed, industry recognized as, talent or proficiency.  For example, Golf, SEO, sewing, play an instrument, wood working, etc.

*You can teach others to do.

*You can give a 10-45 minute talk or presentation about.

What’s next?

*Write a blog.

*Comment on other people’s writings in your area of expertise.

*Find articles on the internet and write a different viewpoint and post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or other media.

*Write white paper for publishing in an industry trade magazine.

 When you begin to write, we are not talking about creating a novel or dissertation.  Basic writing guidelines include:

*Blog – 250 minimum words, no more than 500.

*Magazine article – approximately 500 words.

*Book – less than 100 pages.

 The easiest point from A to B is to write and post on existing social media.  It’s free and it’s an introductory means of letting your connections know about your other expertise.

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