Industry Expert – What is your area of expertise?

Every one of you are experts at something.  Think about this for a minute.  There are a variety of things that you know-that-you-know deep down in your gut.  Several years ago I was asked at a seminar to write down 3 things that I could teach someone else how to do or I could develop a presentation covering 15-30-45-60 minutes.

Most folks would immediately write down something pertaining to their current job.  However, this speaker instructed us to think outside of our jobs.  For example, do you play an instrument?  Are you a master gardener?  Are you a skilled golfer or seamstress?  Do you know how to bake and decorate a scrumptious cake?

My 3 areas of proficiency were:  packaging, business networking and sewing.  I could have also included playing the piano.

Yes, I know the packaging business inside and out and could train up a salesman in the fine art of packaging sales.  I have been already been mentoring and coaching folks for a number of years how to network by using their connections to grow their business.  In addition, I am a master seamstress with over 150 hours of applied coursework in clothing design and construction.  Finally, I have played the piano since I was 9 years old and have a specialty of improvisation that I could show others how to do.

After we finished writing down our 3 ares of expertise, we were instructed to circle one thing that we are passionate about.  My answer was:  business networking.

I absolutely am passionate about helping others grow their business.  That day, I started putting my ducks-in-a-row to create a new business of coaching, training and speaking about business networking.

It is amazing what you can get when you only ask.  I posted a statement on Facebook saying that I was looking for opportunities to speak about business networking.  Immediately I received 4 inquiries of which 2 came to fruition immediately.  Consequently this required me to put my money-where-my-mouth was and create a 45 minute workshop for presenting at a national women’s association.

So I ask you, what is your area of expertise?  Do you have a hidden talent? Remember, it does not have to be related to your profession.  Think about your hobbies and how you might be able to develop that into a business.

Write down your 3-4 areas of expertise.  Circle your passion.  Figure out how you can take this to market and built a viable business.

Peggy P. Edge (c) 2015