Networking: Conveying your Who-What-Why

When you give your 30-Second Commercial at a networking event, do you just stand up, open your mouth and hope the right words to come out?  You are shooting yourself in the foot unless you plan in advance what you are going to say.  Developing a good elevator speech requires some forethought.

A well-crafted commercial will answer 3 questions:  Who, What, and Why.

  1. Who are your clients or prospects? Be specific with the levels of management that you call on as well as the industry niche that you work within or are expecting to break into.  Example:  I work with______________.
  2. What the products and services that you offer? Highlight only 1 product or service at a time.  Remember you only have 30-seconds.  Example:  I provide ________.
  3. Why should I listen to what you have to say? Your Value Proposition explains why your product or service is important.  Example:  Because or So that_________.

To improve your presentation, write the answer to all of these questions and fill in the blank.  Next, get in front of a mirror and practice-practice-practice.

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Peggy P. Edge (c) 2014