Networking: He simply doesn’t “Get It!”

“I don’t visit networking groups because they always have people there who sell the exact same products that I offer,” he said. 

This was a statement that a friend of mine made me recently when we were talking about networking and how we can be more effective in our efforts.  I was stunned because he simply doesn’t “get it.!”

The primary purpose of attending any networking event or trade association event is the opportunity to grow your business.  However, growing your business does not always mean making a sale.

As a matter of fact, a networking event is not a place to sell but to “make connections.”

I use networking events as a means to:

    • meet potential vendors
    • seek connections to those who have expertise in areas that I don’t have 

I also use networking to:

    • learn how I can help others
    • provide mentoring or coaching to others

When you attend any type of networking, trade association or civic group, rethink why you are there.  It’s not about selling.  It’s about making connections and then seizing opportunities.

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