Peggy’s Pointers of kNOTS

A networking event is kNOT the place to sell.

  • The networking meeting is the place to make connections, make appointments and agreements for future linking.

Do kNOT shove a business card into everybody’s hand.

  • Wait until someone asks you for your card.

Do kNOT automatically put anyone on your newsletter or distribution list without prior permission.

  • Be careful with this because some networking organizations do not allow members to be solicited.  This is a form of solicitation and you could jeopardize your business opportunities with the group.

Do kNOT promote more than 1 business at an event.

  • This is one of the biggest mistakes I see women doing.  Their commercial will include they are General Manager of Dither Drilling company and I also sell XYZ.
  • If you have more than one business…always, always, always…network them at different venues.

Do kNOT sit with anyone that you know.

  • I call this the Bertha effect.  My grandmother always sat on the right side of the pew on the 4th row of her church.  Everyone knew that was Bertha’s place.
  • Not only should you sit with someone you do not know but if you are attending a regularly scheduled event, sit in a different place in the room each week.

Do kNOT assume anything about a group or person.

  • Just because a networking function has only small business owners and you need to connect with Enterprise type corporations, don’t assume that there is not anyone in the group who you would be a good resource for you.

Excerpt from: “Key Steps to Effective Business Networking” – Peggy P. Edge (c) 2012