Peggy’s Pointers – Cardinal Rules of Effective Business Networking

To be effective in your business networking, You’ve Gotta Look and Act Professional!

These tips seem simple enough but after many years as a leader in a business-to-business networking organization, these are some key elements that must always be kept in mind when preparing to attend these types of events.

    • Dress for Success – to be considered professional, you must dress like you mean business!
    • Bring plenty of business cards, pen, and paper.
    • Look people in the eye when greeting and speaking to others.
    • Always give a firm handshake.
      • Ladies, shake a man’s hand like you mean it.
      • Gentlemen, shake a lady’s hand like you would another man…do not give a soft or limp handshake.

Excerpt from “5 Keys to Effective Business Networking” by Peggy P. Edge © 2012.