Networking- The 30 Sec Commercial

Sometimes when you offer a service, it is difficult to explain or describe exactly what it is that you do.

For example, if you say you are a Business Coach.  What exactly does that mean?  What do you really do!

The Key Step here is to:  

Give an example of how you have helped a client.

One of the main purposes of a good, effective 30-Second Commercial is to be able to relay in layman’s terms:

1.  What it is that you do for a living?

2.  Who is your target market?

3.  Why should someone be interested in what you have to sell–your value proposition?

When you give that commercial, you want those in ear-shot to be able to tell other people what you do and to be able to explain it enough so there could or might be some interest generated that would result in a one-on-one meeting or introduction.

Always keep in mind to speak in layman’s terms and to give examples of how you have solved a problem.

Peggy P. Edge (c), 2014