Peggy’s Pointers on Sales – Asking Clients for Advice

When was the last time you ask one of your clients for his wisdom or knowledge?

Having been in professional sales for 30+ years, I have seen my share of “hot-shot salesmen” who are constantly in sales mode.  They drive up and down the street with one thing in mind…sell something to someone at all costs.

However, a really good salesman knows that they have to look and act like they don’t really need a sale.  How can they do this?

* Ask your client for his wisdom or knowledge.

* Ask…what has been your experience with xyz?

* Ask…how has this helped you profit?

* Ask…how have you successfully used …….?

Remember these are not necessarily questions about your products and services but about life experiences, hobbies, etc.  Use probing questions to get to know your client and how they think.

A sale is not about exchanging goods and services for dollars but it is about building a relationship…creating partners.  When you do this you will have established yourself as a professional in the eyes of your client.

Peggy P. Edge (c) 2013