Recommendations – Building Your Personal Brand with LinkedIn

Did you know that when you give or receive a LinkedIn Recommendation, it can help build your Personal Brand? You can use this feature to build your credibility as an expert in your industry.

When and how to give or request includes:

► Be specific in your request.
► Include a few suggestive keywords
► As a prompt for the writer, list 2-3 of your key skills
► Layout how the person’s expertise contributed to the overall success of the service they provided

Ideas where a recommendation is warranted:
► In-house corporate Team Projects – as a Team Leader, describe how a particular member of the team was instrumental in bringing the project together
► Company Problem Solutions – talk about how you helped a client resolve issues and overcome obstacles
► Area of specialization – when the work of the individual you are recommending has a particular area of expertise that only they could provide the right solution for you and your company

Be proactive in creating genuine acknowledgment to those who have helped you up your career ladder. Be quick to give and to ask for recommendations from your clients and colleagues.

Peggy Parker Edge (c) 2022