ROI – Business Networking

What you see is what you get!  How many times do we apply this little statement to things we do or think?  Yet when it comes to Business Networking, do you really know what you are getting out of your networking efforts?  It’s not all about $$/cents.

A few of Peggy’s Pointers on networking could net really great results:

  • Have clear cut goals for your networking activities.
  • Set aside time to develop the connections you make at events so that they become relationships, not just someone on a list of people you know.
  • Work on your 30-second commercial so that others will know exactly what you do and how they might help you.
  • Create a core of strategic partners in synergistic fields that can be your “go-to” person when you need to make referrals.
  • Be willing to serve others.  Networking is about giving first and the rewards will come back to you.
  • Be professional at all times.  Remember the saying that people make up their minds about you within the first 5 minutes after an introduction.  Make sure you dress the part and act the part of whatever it is that you do for a living.
  • Be attentive and listen for opportunities.
  • Remember networking events are the place to make connections, not sell your products and services.

Peggy P. Edge (c) 2013