Professionalism in the Market Place

I have been asked to speak to the Nursing students at a local college.  I look forward to sharing my 30+ years of war stories in sales with these young people.

Most likely they will roll their eyes at some of my fuddy-duddy ideas of being a professional in the marketplace.  However, some rules never go out of style like, dressing for success not dressing to your own desire–pants-on-the-ground, pink hair, body piercings, etc.

Every industry has prescribed guidelines for what is professional in their market.  Before you go to that first interview you should be aware that you will be meeting someone who is going to make a judgment about you and your character within the first 5 seconds you walk into the room.

Recently a young friend of mine interviewed for a job at a major telecommunications manufacturer here in the DFW area.  Prior to her interview, she was told by the agency that she was working with that she would not be allowed to carry a cell phone into the facility—it must be left in the car.  Oh my, what would she do if someone needed to call her during that time?  Well, duh, they would just have to leave a message.

Yes, some corporations do not allow personal cell phones in the office.  Can you imagine 8 hours of not being in touch with your friends?

I think very few young people coming out of high school and college these days have a sense of what it takes to be successful in a job.  I’m not trying to negative here just realistic.

The bottom line is that if you want to be considered as a professional, you must first look and act the part.




Peggy’s Pointers – Cardinal Rules of Effective Business Networking

To be effective in your business networking, You’ve Gotta Look and Act Professional!

These tips seem simple enough but after many years as a leader in a business-to-business networking organization, these are some key elements that must always be kept in mind when preparing to attend these types of events.

    • Dress for Success – to be considered professional, you must dress like you mean business!
    • Bring plenty of business cards, pen, and paper.
    • Look people in the eye when greeting and speaking to others.
    • Always give a firm handshake.
      • Ladies, shake a man’s hand like you mean it.
      • Gentlemen, shake a lady’s hand like you would another man…do not give a soft or limp handshake.

Excerpt from “5 Keys to Effective Business Networking” by Peggy P. Edge © 2012.