Networking: 30-Second Commercial for Consultants and Service Industries

If you are a consultant or sell a service like IT services or financial services, describing what you do for a living in a 30-second commercial is sometimes difficult.  Finding the right words to explain, in laymen’s terms, the service you provide can be challenging.

For example, if  you say, “I am a Business Coach.” This does not give me enough information to “get it.” What do you really do?

If you say, “We help companies cut their expenses and increase their bottom line.” This statement not does not provide enough information to clearly understand what you do or how I might be able to help you with a warm referral.

Why? Because no matter what you or I sell, we all help our clients cut costs so they can make more money.

The Key Step to developing an effective 30-second commercial is to:

Give an example of how you have helped a client.

For example: The HR Director at Smith Insurance Company was having 1-2 issues (name them off) with their employees. Then explain 1-2 solutions that you recommended or were implemented.

Keep in mind the main purpose of a 30-Second Commercial is to be able to relay in common terms: who is your target market; what product or service you offer; and why you can solve the problem–your value proposition.

Therefore, if you are a consultant or provide some type of service, always include detailed descriptions of:

    • how you have identified a problem;
    • developed a strategy of remediation; and,
    • been successful in the implementation.

Finally get in front of the mirror, your dog or cat; practice-practice-practice; and time yourself. After all, a 30-second commercial is not a dissertation…it’s only 30-seconds.

Peggy P. Edge (c) 2014