Sales: A Winning Mindset

Think about professional athletes for a moment.  Do you think they ever enter the field or run out on the court expecting to lose the game?

A resounding NO!  Why?  The reason is because they have a Winning Mindset and expect to be Victorious each and every time.

How do they do this?  Practice!  Practice!  Practice!

Why then, as salesmen do we get sometimes develop a defeatist attitude?  Managers are notorious at requiring their sales executives to assign a percentage to the likelihood of closing the sale.

If you don’t believe that you expect to have 100% chance to win the business, what can put you in that win-win mode?

To be successful in sales, we must all set out to believe that:

    • 100% of the time when we call for an appointment we get it.
    • 100% of the time we meet with a prospect that we are granted the opportunity to present out offerings.
    • 100% of the time that we have made our presentation that we close the sale.

However, before anyone can be 100% sure of a pending sales, we must be totally prepared.  Therefore to get that Winning Mindset, it always requires some work on the front end to accomplish our goals.

Again, when you prepare and are ready for the game, then is when you have “the Edge” over your competition!

Peggy P. Edge (c) 2014