Thumbtack – a website for finding potential clients

Recently I completed a professional coaching certification.  As part of the training exercises, my instructor suggested that each of us sign up for Thumbtack as a means of finding new clients.

Thumbtack is a website whereby you can hire professionals on a contract bases for a variety of projects.  Whether you are looking for someone to speak, to hire a professional consultant, or even need to find a lawn maintenance company in your area of town, this is a place to find those types of service businesses.

I have been using Thumbtack for a couple of months now and have received numerous requests for quotation. If any of you might be interested in doing the same, you can go to their website and sign up for free at:

If you are looking for a business coach, speaker, or sales trainer, you can also connect with me through my Thumbtack profile: <a href=””>business consultant</a>

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