Success-Identifying and Tracking your Personal Successes

How do you identify and track your personal successes in life?  Recently, a couple of business associates and I were talking about success.  These questions came up:

*  When do you know you have arrived?

*  When do you believe deep inside that you are a success?

*  Why to we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others when it comes to success?

Success--create and develop your own measuring stick of success--Peggy P. Edge

I decided to do a little research on success.  What I found was that most all of the articles only addressed big accomplishments in life.  The discussions primarily centered on global success in life—attaining accolades in our industry, financial security, having children, power and position.

My question is–What about the little things in life that we do every day which make up our overall personal success story?  Don’t they matter?  How can we identify and track our successes?

Personally, I believe that success is not only about the big promotion to the corner office or being recognized by our peers as a thought leader in our industry.  Instead, it is the sum of the parts—it’s the little activities that we do every day along with the big events that comprise our overall success.

In Eric Jensen’s book, “Little Book of Big Motivation,” he lays out some pointers on how to identify and track our successes.

*  Create a daily list of your victories.

*  Track your triumphs for at least one week.

*  Your list should be all-encompassing from all areas of your life.

*  Include every single accomplishment, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

I believe the key here is to chart the most minuscule detail because once we get to the end of the week and reflect on the totality of our achievements, we will even surprise ourselves.

Finally, create and develop our own measuring stick of success.  After all, your personal success in life is made up of our own actions.  Don’t be afraid to take credit for your achievements.  In other words, “Let your Little Shine—Don’t hide it under a Bushel.”

I am going to work on my own list.

Peggy P. Edge © 2015