Welcome to 2014 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year to my clients, vendors, friends and family.

As we embark on another year of our lives, where do you see yourself going? Do you see yourself changing jobs, lifestyles, even your hairdo?

When I look at the prospects of 2014, I have to reflect on the many thanksgivings of 2013 as 1 more year cancer free and healthy, 1 more year as a self-employed individual which I love, and a loving family that supports me in all that I do just to name a few.

In 2014, my hopes and dreams are about being the best that I can be and constantly challenging myself to keep raising the bar in all that I set my hand to do. “I can do all things in Christ that strengthen me.” Philippians 4:13. So can you!

I look forward to seeing all of the exciting adventures that life has in store for each of you as well.

Peggy P. Edge (c) 2014