Sales Tips: What is your Sales Mystique?

Definition of Mystique:   An aura of heightened value, interest, or meaning surrounding something, arising from attitudes and beliefs that impute special power or mystery to it.

You gain power in the eyes of your clients when you come across as someone who is on the cutting edge of your industry.

Ideas to help build a sales mystique include:

    • Know your products – pros and cons.  Be willing and able to explain not only what it is designed to do but also any shortcomings associated there within.
    • Know your competition – Study your competition’s sales methods, pricing structure and their “go-to” process to close sales.
    • Know your industry – Keep posted on trends and technology within your industry.
    • Know your client’s industry – Read and study what’s new in your customer’s market.
    • Know your client’s competition – Spend a little time vetting your client’s competition which can reveal insight into both companies.
    • Know how to be a resource – Inquire as to how you can help grow your client’s business.

Peggy Parker Edge (c) 2014